Well, it’s time for Milo&Ben to wind down. I truly had the best time exploring new mediums and developing my illustrations into tangible 3d objects, but somewhere down the road I lost the drive and passion to keep pursuing it as a business. Don’t worry, my characters will continue on as part of my illustrations as I shift my focus into graphic and surface design. Being a designer by trade it’s just something that comes naturally to me and it’s without a doubt my comfort zone. I’ve always struggled with having too many things on the go and having to work hard on keeping Milo&Ben alive. I don’t want it to be a constant struggle and this feels like a natural shift for me and my creativity. I want to thank everyone who followed my journey from day 1 and stuck with me throughout my mat leave and my return as a full time entrepreneur. I will be marking down all I have left in inventory in the following days/weeks and I will gradually shift this account into my new venture. I will also have some inventory at the Makeology Spring Craft Market 2018. I hope you stick with me once more. Thank you for your support ❤️